About Kourosh Safinia

Born 1974, Tehran, Iran

Lives & works in Stockholm, Sweden

Kourosh started painting in Tehran, where he studied art at Zangar art institute under guidance of professor Aydin Aghdashloo, an Iranian well known artist and art critic. His success within art was fast and he had his first solo exhibition at the age of eighteen which made him rapidly recognized as one of the youngest professional artists in the country. After numerous group exhibitions and three successful solo exhibitions he decided to develop his artistic career within Graphic design. His interest to fine literature motivates him to start working with publications as an illustrator of book covers. The result of this cooperating was hundreds of illustrations for books. He also as a part time job wrote about contemporary visual art at Iran newspaper and some other art magazines and established his name as an art critic by writing about contemporary art movements, interviewing artists and translating articles.

Kourosh moved to Sweden in 2006, where he has been living and working since then. The experience of immigration influenced his art in high degree, he succeed quickly to connect art galleries and showed his art all around Sweden of which all were sell-out.

Winner of Acrylicworks 2

This painting of kourosh Safinia has been chosen for North Light Books’ second annual Best of Acrylic competition AcrylicWorks 2.

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Solo exhibitions

  • 2019 Art & Form, Stockholm
  • 2016 Art & Form, Stockholm
  • 2015 Art House Karlstad, Krlstad
  • 2013 Galleri Adolfsson, Stockholm
  • 2012 Galleri Adolfsson, Stockholm
  • 2012, Geredelin, kulturnatten, Norrköping
  • 2011 Nk villa Art Salon, Nyköping
  • 2011 Adolfsson Gallery, Stockholm
  • 2010 Adolfsson Gallery, Stockholm
  • 2010, Galleri Art21, Norrköping
  • 2009, Hamnen Gallery, Viken
  • 2008, Galleri Art21, Norrköping
  • 2006, Galleri Art21, Norrköping
  • 2004, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
  • 2002, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
  • 2000, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
  • 1998, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
  • 1997, Keyhan Gallery, Tehran

Group exhibitions

  • 2018 Galleri Odinslund, Bollebygd
  • 2018 Affordable Art, Stockholm
  • 2016 Affordable Art, Stockholm
  • 2016 Nordic Art, Stockholm
  • 2010, Sin Gallery, Tehran
  • 2009, 100 works, 100 artits, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
  • 2008, 100 works, 100 artits, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
  • 2008, Göteborg Art Fair
  • 2007, Art exhibition kungsbacka
  • 2007, Valand Göteborg universittet
  • 2006, Haft Negah, Tehran
  • 1997, the 4th Biennial art exhibition at the contemporary art museum in Tehran